Posted by Cocao Lux on 22nd Oct 2023

Calming Calendula Herbal Bath Tea

People have understood the value of baths for centuries. Egyptians bathed in the Nile while Hindus bathed in the Ganges River. These days, while it’s not customary to jump into the river (although you definitely can), people still regularly immerse themselves in bathtubs. The goal is to relieve stress and become refreshed. What can make the whole experience better is bathing with a herbal bath tea. Here are some benefits of bathing with a herbal bath tea:

Skin Detoxification

Herbal bath teas are one of the best ways to achieve bath bliss and detoxify the skin. Since our skin is one of the largest organs of our body, it tends to be the biggest barrier to the outside world. As a result, our skin absorbs several bacteria, chemicals, and toxins, which means it’s crucial for us to detoxify it from time to time. Failure to do so can result in acne and other skin issues, which can take a toll on our health. Herbal bath teas contain elements such as dead sea salt, aloe vera, and the like that can help detoxify our skin.

Supports Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is common in our body, and while it is needed (to protect us from injury), it can also result in pain. It can also be very harmful, as doctors correlate long-term inflammation with diseases. It’s best to find ways to reduce inflammation and herbal bath teas can help with that. You will find that in some herbal bath teas, there are ingredients such as calendula and chamomile that can help to alleviate inflammation and promote healing. 

Promotes Healing

We all tend to get wounds from time to time, and while more serious wounds should definitely be looked at by a doctor, the superficial ones can be treated on their own. The next time you want to turn your evening into a bath bliss, add a bit of herbal bath tea and kick back and relax. The herbs and salts in bath teas are good for supporting wound healing and giving your skin the nourishment, it needs. Bath teas that include Sea Salts or Epsom salts can also be used as sitz baths to cleanse and soothe the perineal region.

Mitigates Stress

Stress is a huge killer, there is no question about it. Over time, people have been exposed to so much stress that it not only makes them weaker, but also increases the chances of a person experiencing heart attack, stroke, or brain damage. To prevent things from getting to that level, try reducing stress by immersing yourself in a herbal bath tea. The beneficial elements of bathing in a tea can help reduce your level of stress. Moreover, it will also support your body in beginning a natural healing process, which is better than having to resort to medicine once your stress-levels are completely out of control.

Eases Sore Muscles

Let’s face it, most of us have tired muscles after living the lives we do these days. From running around in the office, the whole day to coming home and doing work, our muscles tire out pretty quickly. Combining that with the fact that we rarely give our body the attention it needs means that our muscles become tired super quickly. Herbal bath teas are one way to rejuvenate sore muscles. Moreover, they also promote a healing process that can help your muscles recover with ease.

Soothes Skin

If you are craving self-care and want to give your skin an extra special treat, immerse yourself in an herbal bath tea and reap all of the benefits for skin repair. Bath teas contain elements that can bring out the smooth texture of your skin while also removing  dead skin cells. If you immerse yourself regularly, you are sure to see a difference. 

Feel free to try our collection of all natural herbal bath teas. We have a great collection and each one has premium baths salts + additional amazing ingredients to promote healing and renewal. From aloe vera to dead-sea salt to essential oils or herbs, the elements are all there to allow your skin to glow while promoting healing and giving it the youthful look that you desire.

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