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Empowering Self-Care: Cocao Lux LLC Launches Exquisite Herbal Bath Teas and More

Cocao Lux LLC, a black-owned, woman-owned leisure brand, is proud to announce its official launch, offering meticulously curated leisure and travel products that embrace elegance and tranquility. Cocao Lux's mission is to offer an online experience where individuals can fully immerse themselves in a world of beauty and relaxation.

Cocao Lux with a passion for cultivating relaxation experiences without the use of synthetic ingredients. Inspired by the founder's personal battle with Hidradenitis Supertivia, a painful and chronic skin condition, she envisioned Cocao Lux as a powerful tool for managing stress and promoting healing through the art of self-care.

"At Cocao Lux, we are committed to delivering products that not only indulge the senses but also contribute to overall well-being. Our brand is centered around offering a curated collection of premium self-care products and leisure goods, all crafted with the highest quality ingredients and free from harsh chemicals." says the CEO of Cocao Lux.

Our brand name Cocao Lux is inspired by the tropical cacao plant. The cacao plant typically grows in the tropical climates that we all seek out for relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, the seeds of the cacao plant are used to make chocolate, "a girl's best friend". A feeling of “Cocao Lux” is what want our products to cultivate for our customers on a global scale.


With a dedication to elegance, Cocao Lux's initial product offering includes luxurious herbal bath teas, carefully designed to offer a blissful escape during bath time. However, this is only the beginning, as Cocao Lux has ambitious plans to expand its product line throughout the year. Upcoming additions include bath trays and stylish travel essentials designed to elevate leisure experiences.

At Cocao Lux, the values of elegance, tranquility, and exclusivity lie at the core of everything they do. The brand embodies elegance by presenting products and experiences that exude grace, refinement, and timeless beauty. Moreover, Cocao Lux is dedicated to creating a sanctuary of tranquility, providing a space for women to escape the daily stresses and embrace moments of relaxation and self-care. Every interaction with Cocao Lux promises exclusivity, as the brand curates premium products tailored to the discerning tastes of its esteemed clientele.

As part of its commitment to support those struggling with skin conditions, Cocao Lux plans to offer resources, education, and advocacy for greater awareness and understanding. Through prioritizing self-care and relaxation, the brand aims to empower busy career women and mothers to take control of their well-being by setting aside moments for decompression during their daily lives.

Cocao Lux invites all individuals seeking self-care experiences and leisure goods to explore its exquisite range of leisure products. Experience the art of refined living and embrace moments of blissful self-indulgence with Cocao Lux.

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About Cocao Lux LLC:

Cocao Lux is a black-owned, woman-owned leisure brand that offers a curated collection of premium products and experiences designed to embrace elegance, tranquility, and exclusivity. From herbal bath teas to stylish travel essentials, Cocao Lux is dedicated to promoting self-care, relaxation, and refined living for individuals seeking moments of indulgence and serenity.



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